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The brand-new smoking alternative to sweep the nation is the Personal Vaporizer (PVs)

Also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, or just vaporizers, PVs are taking the country by storm and growing in popularity at an ever-increasing rate. PVs simulate the entire experience of smoking tobacco-based products with none of the traditional side-effects caused by the combustion materials used in cigarettes, like the number of poisons and the nasty tar. Additionally, there is no second-hand smoke produced as the only by-product of E-cig use is a water-based mist. Doctors and users agree, e-cigs are much less harmful to your health than smoking, and there are currently no known risks to vaping.

You can save a lot of money over time using electronic cigarettes, especially so now that the price of tobacco products has risen so dramatically alongside new federal regulation. Along with those regulations, normal rules regarding tobacco smoking do not necessarily apply to electronic cigarettes. As e-cigs are not a tobacco product and there is no combustion and in turn, no smoke, you can legally use an e-cig in any non-smoking area. Property owners and local authorities can still exercise their spurious right to prohibit electronic cigarettes wherever they deem fit however, as you still always have to answer to these people.

Personal Vaporizers produce no flame, they are made up of a mouthpiece, a cartridge which can be filled with your selection of juice (which is a solution of flavoring, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin, and water), a heating atomizing coil, and a compact rechargeable battery. Vaping gives you many of the same sensations that you get from a traditional cigarette, including the “throat hit” that can be adjusted through fine-tuning your device and juice options. Also, the experience is enhanced when you are able to exhale plumes of health-sparing vapor, with some devices even more than what you would be used to with an analog cigarette. The taste of the vapor is completely up to you, they come in a wide range of flavors. Whether you are trying your best to simulate a specific cigarette brand, or are wanting to bite into a delicious juicy peach or cut a slice of delectable key-lime pie, the flavor options are nearly limitless.

Using PVs is quite simple, but there is some information you will need to digest and a slight learning curve. When you buy your choice of electronic cigarette from one of our recommended suppliers, you will receive everything you require to get started on your journey into the world of vaping, and information on how to use your new two or three piece electronic vaping system.

On a typical two piece PV, you will have the long lower end with is the battery, and the shorter end that many times will be modeled after the filter of a traditional cigarette, which is the cartomizer. The battery provides the power (obviously) and the cartomizer both holds the liquid to be vaporized and contains the heating atomizer coil. The cartomizer simply screws into the top of the battery and you’re ready to go.

To strike the best balance between size and performance, we recommend a KR808d-1 model, specifically the offering from V2 Cigs. V2 is by far the leader of the pack when it comes to this particular model, they have perfected their manufacturing processes and with all the customization options they will provide you to have at your disposal, you really can’t go wrong with V2.  The sheer number of options available from V2 is great for the beginner because you can experiment with what works for you and what you prefer. Once you decide that you might want to upgrade your device, the move will be very simple as each model line uses the same connector and many products are backwards-compatible with everything offered. Also, you can have different solutions for work, home, and play. You may want a more compact design to travel with, but prefer a large device for maximum vapor-production when at home sitting in front of the TV or on the computer. The choice is yours, and V2 tries to give you the power of choice at your fingertips in an easily digestible and quality form. From a fruity flavor juice, to a simulated tobacco experience; from a slender cigarette-like PV to a bulkier high-capacity model, you will find whatever your vaping heart desires with V2.

We’ve talked about having all of these options available for you to choose from, but what are these options exactly? Well, the thing on most people’s minds is the look and size of their PV. Most people who are new prefer to start with an ecig that has a look and feel that is reminiscent of what they are used to with tobacco cigarettes. These designs of ecigs are called “minis”, and they are great for the newcomer who is looking to kick the tobacco habit. There are also ‘mid-size’ electronic cigarettes which are comparable in size to a cigar and have a significantly longer battery life than the mini ecigs. The most famous of this size-range is the Joye eGo, Apollo ECigs have a very good kit for sale which utilizes the ubiquitous design.

The last size range available for purchase are the large MOD/APV devices. These come equipped with a number of different features that are best left to the more advanced vapers. They are large and make no attempt to retain the appearance of the tobacco-based products that many vapers are trying to quit, as they are not meant for the new vaper. These come in all different shapes and have a range of sizes, but they are all rather large in order to house the jumbo batteries and the small computer which makes the digital readouts, variable voltages and wattages, and many other features possible. It may be tempting to jump into deep waters with a MOD right out of the gate, but you have a lot of reading to do if that is the case…and sometimes experience is the best teacher for things such as this. We recommend holding off on a MOD device, at the very least so you can gain enough experience to even know what it is you prefer and require your device from a capability standpoint.

There are many parts that you will come across in your travels through the vaping world. This guide to electronic cigarette terms should help you all the way until you want to start rebuilding your own coils and atomizers and playing with different MOD devices. Hold your horses though, we have a lot to learn.

The most prominent and important component of the electronic cigarette is the battery. Without it, you have no way to power your device, and there are numerous options available to fulfill your individual size, style, and performance requirements. Generally, the larger the battery, the longer you can use it without having to charge, and most voltages fall around the 3.2-3.7 volt range, unless you have a MOD or a VV (variable voltage) device such as the eGo Twist. The heating element is the part of your PV that the battery actually acts upon to (go figure) heat up the eliquid in order to produce your vapor. It needs to stay in direct contact with the eliquid in order to do its thing, and depending on the design, it can achieve this in a number of ways.

In as simple atomizer setup, the heating coil is left exposed in a metal cylinder. Vaping is accomplished by simply dropping a small amount of eliquid directly on the coil and vaping from there. This method (known as “dripping) is favored by some, or used occasionally even by those who prefer other less-involved methods because it will tend to give off the most intense flavor and you can easily switch to different flavors. This can be useful for sampling different flavors or for those vapors who, like me, have a touch of vaping ADD and are always wanting to try something new.

Now, if you just take the atomizer, and wrap it in a soft poly-fill blanket, you get a cartomizer. This is a good solution for those who want a less labor-intensive solution for their ecig. The poly-fill material soaks up eliquid and distributes it to the heating coil at a constant rate over time. This allows the cartomizer to hold much more liquid than just a few drops and is a lower maintenance design than the atomizer alone.

Now, if we take the cartomizer, punch holes in the side of it, and place it inside of a clear or opaque plastic or metal tank, we get a tankomizer. The tankomizer can hold much more liquid than a simple cartomizer. While the amount than can be dripped is just a few drops, and the amount in a carto is a few dozen, the amount held by tankomizers is measured in milliliters. Some designs are even able to hold up to 5mL of eliquid, this can provide hours of vaping enjoyment. Similar in ways to the tankomizer, the most popular vaporizer solution is the clearomizer. The popularity of the clearomizer stems from the simplicity of use and the cheapness of the design. All you need to do to use it is take the mouthpiece off and fill the tank with juice.

The common thread with all of these ecig solutions is the fact they all have a way to hold eliquid in direct contact with the heating coil, this is called the nicotine liquid reservoir. The greater The capacity of the reservoir, the longer you can vape without having to fill up.

Besides the form of the nicotine liquid reservoir, they come as both disposables and rechargeables. The vast majority of vapers opt for the rechargeable/refillable system as it is cheaper in the long run and most higher-end options are only available as rechargeables. However, some vapers may like the convenience of simply tossing the used cartridge when they are emptied, although this seems quite wasteful and can cost you money after just a little bit of time when compared to a refillables.

Vaporizing: Not Just a Way to Quit

I smoked cigarettes for about 7 years, and for the last few years I was smoking Marlboro Red 100’s at a rate exceeding a pack a day…sometimes two packs if I had a few drinks in the evenings. Needless to say, I had become a hardcore smoker in a relatively short period of time. Honestly though, I loved tobacco. I loved the little bit of buzz cigarettes gave me, I love the way they tasted, I loved the way that they went with alcohol. I was a smoker, and i thought I would be for a long time.

This was before the side effects started kicking in. Early on I would develop a bit of a dry cough, and sometimes in the morning I would cough up some dark green/brown slimy stuff…but these just worsened as time went by to the point of where I was just unable to function as a proper human being. I was winded after a short physical exertion, I was coughing up the most hideous things that didn’t look like they should be coming from a human, and not just in the morning but throughout the day. My sex drive shrunk. I noticed that nothing tasted very good outside of the most spicy things, I couldn’t even smell anything. It was time for a change.

I tried quitting, I never tried anything but cold turkey. Anytime I was successful for a period of time, not only was I miserable, I ate constantly. I replaced one lethal habit with another.

I was working as a cook in a restaurant that had a convenience store that I would frequent next door. One day I went in to get my usual pack of smokes and saw a little package for the same price of simple two-piece ecigs. I got them on a whim, as I couldn’t smoke inside and I thought they would be fun to play around with between breaks. Well, the rest is history.

This was almost exactly a year ago, at the time I slowly quit smoking simply because I preferred the fresh and sweet flavors of the ecigs to the nasty harshness of the tobacco based products. Today I haven’t smoked a cigarette in months and even then it was a single cigarette when I was with a bunch of friends who were all smoking and I wanted to see if I still even liked it. It disgusted me. Mission accomplished.

Also, with all the options available to me, and all of the little ways to tinker with and optimize my vape experience, vaping appeals to the gadget-geek side of me in a way that cigarettes can’t even come close to touching.

I now use a Kanger Protank and 1000mAh eGo Twist and order juices online from a variety of vendors in every flavor you can imagine, from Honey Perry which is a honeydew/pear/strawberry blend, to cotton candy, to a flavor that tastes like Monster energy drinks. Vaping has become an immensely enjoyable and cheap hobby of mine. I have a number of tank and battery setups I utilize, and not to mention the fact I can taste and smell again. As a cook, I love food. I love the variety of flavors that are available for the human palate to enjoy, and this was something I was voluntarily giving up with my habits. My lungs cleared over the next few weeks and the best thing about ecigs…I never got any sort of withdrawal symptoms and never felt like I was missing a thing! I even got a part time job at a local ecig shop because I love the vape community and want to help others quit smoking and possibly even help facilitate the same love of vaping that I have developed over this past year.

I feel better, I’m healthier, and I enjoy life more. Although you can’t take just my word on it, if you are struggling with quitting smoking, then you are doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t give vaping a try.


Disposable ecigs are the type you will run into the most often without looking for them just in your day-to-day life. They are available almost everywhere that regular tobacco products are sold. Many new vapers are drawn to them because of this ready availability, the ease of use, and their similarity to the cigarettes they know and (allegedly) love.

Disposables are quite easy to use. There is no mess and you simply throw them away when they are used up, what could be easier? Also, they are styled after traditional cigarettes (although usually a bit heavier) and the flavors used in the pre-filled cartridges are usually designed to mimic plain tobacco and menthol flavors, for these reasons they can be a good alternative for new vapors. However, they don’t usually give you the full lung feeling and throat hit that a traditional cigarette can provide. Most people aren’t able to just pick up a disposable and never smoke again, but they can provide a good stepping stone on your journey to quitting smoking and they usually can help smokers cut down dramatically on their habit if they are at least given a fair shot to do so.

Although a disposable electronic cigarette may not satisfy your urge to quit completely, in hindsight it can usually be the most important ecig and most important first step you can take, as it will introduce you to the benefits of vaping and a tobacco-free life. The first time you bite into a piece of your favorite food and can taste it a little bit more, the first time you notice a smell you didn’t before, you will be ready to begin your journey without any doubts in place. Always keep in mind, there are very powerful devices that can provide you with all the throat hit you desire and with plumes of vapor dwarfing anything produced by a cancer stick.


Most people who find they enjoy vaping eventually find they enjoy the rechargeable versions of ecigs, and really the rechargeable batteries are where all the fun is. Not only are they less wasteful and irresponsible as you aren’t producing more garbage constantly, but they provide the most satisfying vape. With a wide variety of choices and almost an unlimited amount of designs that are constantly evolving, the more powerful rechargeable batteries are the way to go for all but the newest of vapers. Remember, the bigger the battery, the longer you can wait between charging. Also, with both rechargeables and disposables, always be wary of “number of puff” or “number of cigarette/pack” estimates for cartridges. This number will be variable for every vaper depending on how you vape and what your style is.

Now is the fun part! Experiment around and fine a cartridge/liquid/battery combination you like. They are relatively cheap and if you limit yourself to only the amount of money you would have spent on tobacco cigarettes in the first place, you will quickly be able to try a wide range of products and find your niche. You will soon start saving money when your only expense to vape is new juices and parts for your rechargeable ecig of choice as they wear out.


The eGo battery is the gold standard for many vapers, at least those who want a batter that will last longer, look better, and give more vapor than your typical rechargeable. EGo batteries can last all day for some and have a wide selection of colors for you to choose.

The typical threading of the eGo is a large contributor to its success as a rechargeable battery. The 510 threading used on the eGo is widely used throughout the industry and allows the eGo to be attached to a wide variety of atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, and tankomizers.

Also, many find the eGo to be the perfect size for their vaping needs. While they are a bit larger than typical ‘pen-style’ or ‘mini’ ecigs and carry the added battery life you would expect because of this, they are significantly smaller than MODS and other APVs. Despite this extended battery life, for heavier vapers, it is a smart idea to have two batteries, so one can be charging while you use the other one to vape, or for a simple backup in case one battery fails.

While the eGo battery only has one button, it has a number of features packed into such a simple device. If you want to turn it off, rapidly press the button 5 times until you see it blink and it will be powered off until you do the same operation again to power it back on. It is recommended that you turn it off if you are going to be transporting it in your pocket or purse.

Also available is the eGo Twist, which allows you to “dial in” your perfect vape. With a small dial at the end of the battery, you can twist it and change the voltage produced. This is a solid choice for anyone who uses tanks/atomizers with varying resistances, or a number of different flavored juices.




Every V2 electronic cigarette review proves that this is the most popular brand of e cigarettes available in the US market. There are many reasons behind this popularity which has increased manifold recently due to the significant changes made in the quality of the V2 e cigarettes and their packaging. Earlier the battery of these cigarettes was very weak and smokers had to take really deep drags to get sufficient amount of vapor. This was unlike the drag of a real cigarette and many people found themselves craving for the real thing because of this drawback. However, this was rectified by the manufacturers and now the V2 electronic cigarettes have a stronger battery that provides sufficient mouthfuls of vapor.

Another significant change has been made in the packaging of the accessories, although the pack carrying the cigarette remains untouched because it already had a very popular design. The accessories have become more attractive enticing more people to opt for the V2 brand of electronic cigarettes. The company has gained a lot in terms of sales and profit due to these changes.

The main reason for the popularity of the V2 brand of e cigarettes is their price. They have the best price vs. quality comparison among all brands of e cigarettes and every V2 electronic cigarette review says this. People say that they get optimum satisfaction from this brand at a very reasonable price. This difference in cost becomes more significant when you compare the price of V2 e cigarettes with an equivalent quantity of real cigarettes. Needless to say, you will end up saving quite an amount of money in the long run.

According to people who have tried this brand and are loyal to it, the flavor of the vapor of the V2 e cigarettes is very close to the flavor of real tobacco smoke. Heavy smokers can benefit a lot from this because these people don’t usually opt for the fancy flavors and prefer the flavor of tobacco smoke. This helps to wean them off the real thing and keeps them out of harm’s way. Even people who like to try different flavors have a really wide choice of 10 different and unique flavors available with the V2 brand of e cigarettes.

Another fact that every V2 electronic cigarette review emphasizes is the excellent customer service provided by the company. The product is really of great quality and usually does not give the user any trouble, but in case you do face a hassle, you will get ample support via telephone, email and even live chat. The company also takes the onus of seeing to it that the shipments are delivered on time although actually speaking a delay in shipment may not entirely be their fault. The company also offers a warranty on all their products for up to five replacements. Such a warranty is good enough for any e cigarette kit. Hence opting for V2 brand of e cigarettes instead of the real ones will be a very good idea and help you kick the addiction.

Get to Know About the Best V2 Flavors

The e juice in the electronic cigarette is the source of the vapor produced in the electronic cigarette. The e juice is the juice that is tested and mixed with nicotine and different food flavorings. The food flavorings that the e juice contains have a base of propylene glycol. The propylene glycol is the base that is commonly used in toothpaste, food, asthma inhalers, and fog machines. The e liquids are available in different strengths of nicotine. The e juice of zero strength has no nicotine.

There are other flavoring ingredients included as well in the e juice. They are bakery goods, nuts, and fruits etc which offer optimum vapor production, smoothness, and flavor. Thus the flavor of the cartridges is maintained upon this base. The primary item included in a V2 cartridge is the e juice. Now, lets move on to the best V2 flavors, which is preferred and used by the V2 Cigs users. The list of flavors manufactured by V2 Cigs is:

Flavors with Limited Edition


  • V2 Grape – Juicy and Sweet Flavor

A perfect flavor for summer and the cartridge has a color of rich purple. These are available in four different nicotine strengths. The nicotine strengths are zero (0), light (6), medium (12), and high (18.)

  • V2 Cola – Sweet and Crisp Flavor

If you like the flavor of crisp soda cola, then this flavor is for you. Medium (12), zero, and light (6) are the strength is which this is available.

  • Classic Menthol – A Minty-Fresh Flavor

The color of these cartridges is cool green. The nicotine strength is as same as the V2 Grape.

Specialty Flavors

  • Cherry Flavor – farm Fresh Taste of Cherry

The flavor appears just like having a fresh cherry. These cartridges are available in all the four strengths of nicotine.

  • Chocolate Flavor – Creamy Milky chocolate

The flavor appears just like a dark chocolate. There are four strengths in which these cartridges are available.

  • Coffee Flavor – American Doughnut from Java House

The flavor is as similar to the rich blend of Columbia with hint of sugar and cream. These are available in four different strengths of nicotine.

  • Vanilla Flavor – Sweet, Rich and Smooth

One of the popular and best V2 flavors is V2 vanilla. These cartridges appear as vanilla bean and have four different strengths of nicotine.

Menthol and Mint Flavor

  • Mint Tea – Refreshing and Smooth

This is a blend of refreshing mint and green tea. These cartridges are available in four different strengths of nicotine.

  • Peppermint – Sweet Mint Flavor

The flavor is a blend of sugar and peppermint with a spear mint touch. They are available Emerald green and in four different strengths.

  • Menthol – Crisp Taste of Cool Mint

The appearance is like spring green and has four strengths of nicotine.

Tobacco Flavors

  • Sahara –Turkish Tobacco Flavor

The flavor is a blend of middle-eastern tobacco. These cartridges are also available in four different strengths.

  • Congress – Distinct Tobacco Flavor

The flavor is smooth and has four strengths in a blue shade.

  • Red – Blend of American Tobacco Flavor

The flavor is one of the bold and best V2 flavors available four different strengths.

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