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The top-seven E-cigarette brands table below will take you to our featured top picks in the rechargeable ‘MINI E-Cigarette / Cig-A-Like category‘ along with some great E-Cig coupon code offers for most of them too – find more of those in our rapidly growing COUPONS section.

E-Liquid/E-Juice is one of the topics we are eager to post on – and we have some in place (but it’s just a start).

With the explosion of Vape Shops (directory of those coming to this section) across America, Canada and beyond – one of the coolest things to emerge as more than just a trend – has been all the premium, boutique USA E-Cig Liquid suppliers bringing the ‘Vaping Massive‘ (yeah we love Vape Culture, you all rock) and newbies top-shelf flavors and blends to make any mixologist jealous. Loads of individual reviews and flavour types breakdowns are on the way.

We just had our first Zamplebox arrive last week (amazing way to try out lots of options at great price) and love it, expect an epic Vape Juice feature review on these guys and what they are doing within the week.

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v2 cigs is our no.1 e-health cigarette brand in 2015

v2 cigs is our no.1 e-health cigarette brand in 2015. SAVE with our exclusive v2 promo code

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A Short Tutorial About Electronic Cigarettes

You have to know in order to be able to make a smart purchase, and when it comes to e-cigarettes, you don’t want low-quality, poorly-made knockoffs. They might not work when you first open the package. They might taste bad, or have defective parts. They may even be made cheaply with unsafe materials. This is many times more important if you are considering e-cigarettes as a tool to help you quit smoking. The first impression has to be good.

As with virtually all things, take advertisements and manufacturer statements with at least a grain of salt. They might not lie to you outright, but advertising, by its nature, is sneaky and possibly misleading. The goal is to get you to buy first and ask questions later. For this reason, it is very wise to seek out several sources of information about an e-cigarette product that you are considering purchasing. Compare important features, and see what real people have to say about their purchases.


The Cigalike and the mini e-cig.

Let’s start with the basics. Known as mini e-cigs, or cigalikes, these are your cheapest and simplest models of e-cigarette. Many of these e-cigarettes are single-use. They are a single, inseparable unit that has a basic battery and a pre-filled cartomizer. There really isn’t much to these models at all. All you have to do is put the unit to your lips and inhale. Their size and simplicity makes them great for vaping on the go, or in other situations where time is short. They are also good for testing out a new product, since they are inexpensive and require no commitment or further investment. And, they can be found virtually anywhere that sells tobacco products (and quite a few places that don’t).

The phrase ‘cigalike’ describes e-cigarettes which are designed to resemble actual cigarettes. They tend to be about the same size, and are often designed and packaged so that, at a glance, you can’t tell it’s not a cigarette. Cigalikes are the most common type of disposable e-cigarette, meaning that once either the cartridge or the battery gives out, you simply discard them in a safe way.

Of course, there are mini e-cigs that don’t look anything like cigarettes, too. Unlike most cigalikes, the minis are typically designed to be reused. The battery and cartridge separate from each other and can be replaced when one or the other runs out. Though slightly more expensive and complicated than a disposable, minis allow you to change out flavors on the fly, or carry spare batteries in case one goes dead when no charging source is nearby.


Mid-sized and eGo

In this category are e-cigarettes that are something of a step up from the minis and cigalikes, in that they have larger form factors and allow a greater level of customization. A common form factor is the ‘pen vape’, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a personal vaping device roughly the size and shape of a good writing pen. They are small enough to carry in your pocket, but big enough to take batteries and cartridges that can last longer than anything found in a mini offering.

A new style of battery is called the eGo. The main draw here is that eGo batteries can hold at least twice the charge of a standard battery, which is, of course, quite useful. Nobody enjoys hooking up their e-cigarette battery to the charger. You can’t even use it! The new eGo battery keeps you puffing longer. It also keeps you puffing stronger, because another very important fact to know about e-cigarette batteries is that you get the thickest, best vapor production when your battery is strong and fully-charged. These batteries have a manual setting feature which allows you to control when the heating coil activates, so you can further prolong the duration of a full charge.

Vape Pens Top Charts

Mods and Personal Vape Kits

Mods are so-named because they are designed with customization in mind. These tend to be the high-end models of e-cigarettes, and as a consequence, you can expect to pay the most for these units. You can also expect to get the very best sort of vaping experience from them. A mod is not for taking a surreptitious puff on the go, or to sip and sample. Mods are for the serious vaper, the sort who wants to take out their device, select the right flavor, inhale and enjoy the experience.

Mods are typically too big to carry in the pocket. In fact, some of them are big enough to be table-top units. Though cigalikes and minis are probably the most commonly encountered e-cigarettes, mods are sure to be the most unique and feature-rich of all. They can be fitted with manual and automatic batteries with charge capacities reaching beyond 2000 mAh (compared to a mere 500 or so for a disposable cigalike). The better batteries are even pretty smart, and can react to abnormal operating conditions before something malfunctions and bad things happens to you, or your unit. Some may even permit detailed adjustments of voltage and wattage. The name of the game with mods is ‘total control’.

If you have never vaped before, or are still rather new to the activity, mods are probably not for you just yet. They are the priciest models available and can represent a significant investment. Start small and learn what you like, what works best for you, before you graduate to the bigger boys.


finding the best e-cig for you - let us help you


Vape Notes: If early 2015 has shown anything,
it’s that the e-cigarette industry and the vaping community as a whole is in a state of flux.

Legislation and FDA e-cigarette regulation loom in the not so distant future and manufacturers are attempting a variety of strategies in preparation for possible moves. Some companies, such as Green Smoke, have decided to go a completely different direction, with their acquisition by Altria in order to let Big Tobacco have a hand in how the industry will begin to shape up. Some vendors are even making efforts to distinguish their products apart from what e-cig users are normally used to.

What used to just be commonly referred to “e-cigs” under a very wide blanket, you now see more heavily marketed products that focus on things like vape pens, e-hookahs and so on. It’s easy to see some of the early pressure placed on the industry from the FDA as well as Big Tobacco. The players in the game are becoming more competitive and thus vendors and manufacturers are scrambling for new ways to adjust to not only incoming regulation, but their very own competition in the field.

Regardless of the state of events, e-cigs remain alive and well and the growth will continue.

Things are still looking up, and the popular products sold in convenience stores and seen on the street more and more frequently are ushering in more and more people who are giving up tobacco. You might have even noticed a lot less coughing in public. If you count yourself as one of the many electronic cigarette users, there’s plenty of top tier products on the market to choose from as the exciting new year grows, so today it’s time to focus on a product for each level of user see what the top recommendation might be for you.

Electronic Cigarettes – A Better Choice

During the past few years, electronic cigarettes have become very popular world-wide. Smokers everywhere are transferring from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. With the E Cigarette community growing more and more, year after year, there are more e-Cig brands on the market. With so many options, it is getting difficult to know which are the best and which are knock-offs.

You want the best for your money, but you’re not sure if it is worth to pay a high amount of money to start your e cigarette journey. How do you choose when there are so many options?Read on for more information.

Smoking electronic cigarettes rather than traditional ones can help you save a good amount of money especially since traditional cigarettes have been rising in price lately. With e-Cigs, you should start out getting an ‘e cig starter kit. ’ They contain everything you will need to start smoking these E Cigarettes, but they can cause you a lot of money if you do not look in the right places.

You should not go broke when investing in your first e-Cig, but spending less does not necessarily mean you’re getting bad quality and horrible battery life. Do your research and you can get high quality e-Cigs for good prices. Below you will find the best 7 e-Cigs for lower than $70 in no specific order.

1. V2 Cigs

First up is V2 cigs. V2 Cigs is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes brand today – and have been for several years, having truly proven their stuff.

They first started to become popular for their two-piece cigarette, and have been become even more popular for many other reasons also. V2 Cigs has many similarities with another brand on the market called Vapor4Life. Both are compatible with e-cigarettes based on the KR808D-1 spec. They have the same cartomizers as two other brands, Smokeless Image and Halo Cigs. But, all of the company’s improved and made the model of the KR808D-1 e-Cig and made it their own. One of the best things about V2 Cigs is their impressive 4. 2v batteries. a lot of the electronic cigarettes on the market can go up that high, but do they?No. Most level off at about 3. 3v to 3. 7v. Having a high voltage is important because if that is high, the vaporizing coil in the cartomizer will be hotter. Why is that important?Well.

It basically means that the vapor will be very satisfying. Now with that being said, V2 Cigs sells them even higher than 4. 2v. You can either get the V2 NotebookCig or the V2 PowerCig at a mind blowing 5. 2v. The V2 PowerCig is very popular and the price is not bad. It costs $29. 95. , and produces more vapor than all of the other cigarettes V2 Cig offers. V2 Cigs also has a good selection of starter kits for you to choose from. You will definitely find one to fit your personality. The one highly recommended is the economy kit. It costs a low price of $64. 95. You also get to choose from multiple nicotine strengths and cartridge flavors, and to make this even better, the more cartridge flavors you buy, the more money you save. You get great discounts to make this even better. Last but not least, you also get a warranty for life on each e-Cig that they offer along with your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied.

2. Smokeless Image VOLT E-cigarette.

Next is the Smokeless Image VOLT E-cigarette. This simple brand of e-Cigs has risen in popularity mainly because, well, they’re simple but with amazing performance. They are able to pull this off because of the technology we have today. They offer many great flavor cartridges and you even have the option to refill your cartridge with e-liquid. Smokeless Image VOLT E-cigarettes is our number 1 highly recommended e-Cig. They have good prices for their starter kits, and usually you have to pay extra for better battery life with other brands but not with them. You get better battery life regardless.

If you choose the Volt Pro Starter Kit for $64. 95, you also get a charging case that is portable. Their high quality product beats all other good brands of e-Cigs in our opinion. They are great for anyone. A friend, coworker, family member, or just anyone you know who wants to either save money or just stop smoking traditional cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes. You will also save by taking advantage of our 10%-off Smokeless Image Coupon code offered and getting your order shipped for free if you spend more than $75. It is also recommended that you get extra Volt Cartomizer flavour samples, and try out their nicotine strengths and good flavor.

3. Eversmoke

Eversmoke is another popular brand of e-cigarettes. Once you start using their products, you will realize why people rant about them. You get to choose from 10 tasty flavors that will have your taste buds wanting more. The one “bad” thing about Eversmoke is the cheapest product is $59.

95. That is the price of their Basic Starter Kit. Now with that being said, you will not regret spending money on their electronic cigarettes. Between their mini e-Cigs that they offer and the great vapor production their products produce, you will never go back to any other brands.

4. Vapor4Life Vapor King & Vapor Titan

Vapor4Life Vapor King & Vapor Titan, also referred to as Vapor King, is next. They’ve become very well known for many reasons. Good quality, awesome support, and for also having the lowest amount of people return their products. Only 1 out of every 1000 sells gets returned and well, that is really impressive. Vapor4Life products are very reliable and have been for many years. The “Original Vapor King” is what they model their products off of and is a star in the 2-Piece cigarettes category. They come with pre-loaded cartomizer refills with a great amount of nicotine stregths and of course, flavors. The Vapor King E Cigarette has 150+ flavors of cartomizers that you can choose from. Referring back to what you have just read about other brands, you know none of them came even close to having 150 flavors. Along with having a huge selection of flavors, they offer pre-filled cartomizers. Also, don’t forget about their lineup of e-liquids. They are referred to as ‘Nobacco’ Juice. Their huge selection of items is crazy. You will never be disappointed about not being able to find exactly what you want. They even have a selection of batteries you can choose from in which you can choose what style and color you want. Vapor4Life makes it easy for you to customize your e-Cigs to fit your personality.

You have the option to make it your “own. ” You’re now thinking that their prices must be extremely high if they’re offering all of these features. That is not the case at all. One of their kits go as low as $27. 50. For under $70, you can get a “Mini PACC Kit” for $45. 00. That has a handy portable case that charges your e-Cigs. At $69. 50 you can get the “Ultimate Starter Kit. ” This kit comes with a USB-Passthrough. With this, your e-Cig will never die on you. Find a USB port and you’re set. Along with the USB-Passthrough, you will get a couple of batteries, a case, and cartomizers for you to sample that you choose yourself. What more can you ask for?If you like having a selection of flavors to choose from, Vapor4Life is for you.

5. South Beach Smoke

Now we’re going to talk about South Beach Smoke. They first released their e-cigs in 2010 and has risen since then. At times they’ve even been the top selling e-Cig in not only their country but the whole world. They have high quality items, fantastic prices, and warranties that cannot be beat. With South Beach Smoke, you have 2 selections to choose from. One of the options is a South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit known for its low price and excellent performance. At $29. 99, this kit cannot get any better. The other option you can choose is the South Beach Smoke Deluxe model. The starting price for this kit is $59. 99. It comes with their cool 2-piece design making your electronic cigarette experience even better.

Recently, they’ve added a new edition to the Deluxe model. It comes with extra capacity SuperMAX batteries. Also, have a friend, family member, or coworker that is interested in using electronic cigarettes also?Refer him/her and you could save money. South Beach Smoke offers a $25 rebate program when your friends buy their products. Along with that, there’s a 10% discount, you can get your money back if you are not satisfied, a lifetime warranty so you ever have to worry about buying another one if something happens to this one, and shipping to anywhere in the world. Not to mention, shipping is free when you spend over $100. Last but not least, they have one more great opportunity for you. If you get a starter kit, you can also get a $100 Gas Rebate. How cool is that?With South Beach Smoke, you will not lose.

6. Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke is a really cool, the coolest we’ve ever seen, e-cig brand. Like V2 Cigs, they based their products off of the KR808d-1 design. They are a bit expensive and not a big brand, but do not let that stop you. Bull Smoke offers e-Cigs in simple, yet very cool packages. Simple is the route they take and it works for them. You get to choose from 3 sizes with their Kr8 specs, from short to XL, the Subby, The Original, and The Kentucky.

Along with choosing the size, you have the option to choose your color also. You choose from white, black, and yellow. Now they do not have 150 flavors like Vapor King, but they do have 10 great ones and more nicotine strengths than a lot of other brands. The highest offered is 24mg for those who just aren’t satisfied with 16mg. Bull Smoke will not let you down.

7. Blue Cigs

Last but not least is Blu Cigs. Blu Cigs is one of the classiest e cig brands we have ever seen. They appeal more to the younger crowd of smokers because of their styles. They are for smokers who like to be fashionable, live a life in luxury, have the best looking products, or for those who just want to have Blu Cigs because of what they offer. Despite all of that, Blu Cigs are well known for their low prices on their starter kits. Many people choose Blu Cig because you don’t hurt your wallet when you buy their products. The Blu Cig starter kit costs just under $70; $69.

95 to be exact. You have 30 days to return it if you are not satisfied and it also comes with good accessories: 1 wall charger, 1 usb charger, 2 e-Cig batteries, and 5 flavor catridges. Blu Cig’s flavors are unique. You can choose from Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, and Java Jolt. The names of the flavors are very appealing and sound extremely tasty. You will definitely be happy with whatever flavor you choose.


Which e-Cig outshines them all? …which is best for you?

Well, that is mainly up to you and what you want out of an electronic cigarette. Each of these 7 brands offers many different features and benefits that place them above the crowd. You will definitely find something to meet your needs, and you do not have to worry about choosing the wrong one.

Why? Because you will win no matter which you choose. All of the e-Cig brands we mentioned are high quality.

You will not walk away with knock offs with whichever brand you choose out of the 7.

Make sure to choose based on what you like. Want over 150 flavors?Choose Vapor King. Want a stylish electronic cigarette?

Choose Blu Cig.

You now see that there are many great e-Cig options for under $70.

You also now see that you will spend way less money on electronic cigarettes than you will on tobacco cigarettes. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune for good quality.

All 7 brands are high quality and had kits for under than 70 bucks. Also, to make the prices even lower, we have coupon codes where you can get between 5 and 10 percent off. You should definitely take advantage of this.

Having second thoughts?Remember to read the information provided above and to choose base on what you want.

After purchasing and using your first e-Cig kit, you will be hooked. This is one purchase you will never regret.